Welcome to the blog of Lauren Olney, aka Caehl.

~ Artist, Photographer, and the co-creator of the highly erotic, yet nudity-free project: beautifulagony.com

This lady has been making art for longer than she can remember. It’s just one of those things she does.

Lauren has a long standing love of the printed image and her creative endeavours more often than not involve photography and installation. Recently she has been exploring some of her earlier artistic callings including print making, illustration and mixed media collage.

She has, up her sleeve, a Diploma in Visual Arts (Box Hill Institute), a Bachelor of Fine Arts – Photography (Victoria College of the Arts) and a Diploma in Photo Imaging (NMIT). Alongside her artistic oddities, Lauren has a penchant for dress-ups, that more often than not become dress off. She also has a lot of love for various creepy things, and yes she still wears quite a lot of black… although not as much as she used to.

In 2004, Lauren and Richard Lawrence launched beautifulagony.com, an erotic website where submissions come in from around the globe of people who film themselves having an orgasm, from the neck up with no nudity.

“Agony has been dubbed “the sexiest web site you’ll ever see”, and excerpts have been on display all around the world in places like the Museum of Sex (NY, NY), the Hollywood Sex Museum, the family educational Nemo Centre in Amsterdam and the 2011 Photoespana Festival headline exhibition, Face Contact alongside Hans-Peter Feldmann and Mona Hatoum’s work. French composer Jean Michel Jarre composed a tribute to Agony on his 2007 album Téo & Téa, and the site been featured in magazines from Vanity to Fair to Playboy, and the subject of numerous academic theses.”

The thought provoking project proudly continues to spark the imagination of people around the globe.

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