1. See, you say go to flickr and people do and then they feel real weird. I just looked at pretty much your entire collection and somehow culture tells me this isn’t stalking, but a part of contemporary communication technology. I want to know who owns that insane car with the MYGOAT plates.

    • admin says:

      nothing to feel weird about, (should i be embarassed that you just saw me), hmmm… the car (unfortunately) was at the vic hot rod show, isn’t it hot, i want it bad!!!!

      • No I guess not, but it just makes me feel old when technology changes culture.

        I went to that hot rod show about 3 years ago and saw a monster of a thing called a Riveria Boattail. I know nothing about cars but then I knew I will one day own one of these monstrosities.

        Pointy shoes and pointy cars. Oh yes.

        • admin says:

          A friend of mine just bought this lovely little beast, it got delivered last weekend, she’s going to be so pretty when she’s all made up…ah..old cars make me weak at the knees, one day…


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