survey meme crap that i get sucked into – dammit – “5 w’s”


Who was the first person you wanted to be like?: I was obsessed with Magenta from Rocky Horror for an extended period of time, I was quite young.

Who do you think raised you the most: your mom or dad?: mum.

Who have you not been completely honest with lately?: myself.

Who is the last person in your family to die?: My grandad.

Who do you think is the most attractive person you know?: your all attractive, der…

Who are you willing to die for?: they know who they are.

Who has a crush on you right now?: No idea, maybe the annoying boy that keeps texting me.

Who do you want to get to know more?: eh…hmm…ahh…

Who would star as you in the movie about your life?: I could hope it would be angelina jolie, but i doubt it.

Who did you go to your senior prom with?: Prom?? you american peeps, really, end of year dance? um… I think my bf at the time.

Who is the nicest person you’ve ever met?: too many.

Who taught you how to ride a bike?: think maybe my grandad.

Who has been annoying you lately?: me.

Who do you regret ever knowing?: no regrets.

Who do you think will read this when you’re done?: don’t really give a fuck.


What’s your bedroom’s colour scheme?: my entire flat is painted light blue, not exactly my colour of choice, I am obsessed with greens at home, lots of army green.

What kind of ice do you prefer: cubed or crushed?: So long as it cools my drink I’m not too worried, cubed lasts longer.

What languages do you speak fluently?: unfortuantely I can only speak english but want to learn italian.

What about you sets you apart from the crowd?: tall and skinny, I’m the dark haired girl who looks like shes gonna blow over in the wind.

What impact have you made, however big or small?: impact on what?? who?? how?? when??

What is your favourite game show?: don’t like them.

What would you most likely go to jail for?: hmm…

What is the first thing you do when you get your paycheck cashed?: direct debit savings, yup – im semi-organised, food shopping, eh…whatever.

What are you most uncomfortable with about yourself?: If I was to be honest and I will be honest, my weight, I HATE being skinny, give me hips and a bottom, 2-3kgs more fat would be grand.

What’s the first thing that you notice about someone?: whether they are lying to me or not. Their trustworthiness.

What celebrity do people tell you that you look like?: you tell me.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?: bathroom, cigerette, coffee.

What’s one thing people would never expect you to do?: If I tell you you’ll expect it.

What do you hope to accomplish in your lifetime?: to learn a little about myself, al ittle about others and have some fun along the way.


When did you lose your first tooth?: I would have been pretty young, hmmm…

When did you lose your virginity?: I was 15.

When is the last time you puked?: Um, I can’t remember, thats a good thing.

When do you want to get married? no thanks.

When do you think you’ll die?: when i need to.

When is the appropriate time to bring up bad news?: always.

When was the last time you visited a doctor?: maybe 2months ago.

When is it the easiest for you to fall asleep?: lately when I can, it seems to be getting harder and harder.

When do you usually wake up?: maybe round 8am, the light streaming through my blinds, its rather pretty in the mornings.

When did you start learning about puberty?: maybe 8 y/o.

When is your parents’ anniversary?: Sept 7th.

When did you get tired of answering these questions?: a while ago now.


Where were you when the first 9/11 attacks happened?: sitting at home infront of the television with all of my housemates watching it as it happened.

Where did you have your first kiss?: hallway in my house, I was maybe 12 y/o.

Where do you feel the most comfortable?: My lounge room at home.

Where is the last place you found something you’d lost?: My bedroom, clothes, finding them is a major problem when they are all black!

Where do you like to go for fun?: Generally out into the city, where I go doesn’t really matter all that much, its more my frame of mind or the company im with.

Where would you take someone for a first date?: grrr…dates…. im so not experienced with this shit, maybe dinner, drinks, i have a few fav bars/tapas places I like to go to.

Where do you refuse to go?: never a total refusal but i’ll bloody well argue over it if I dont want to go.

Where do you keep the things you don’t want people to find?:if I told you, you’d find the things im hiding.

Where is the party usually at?: everywhere darlings. open your eyes.

Where is the perfect place to get to know someone?: through friends, bars completely suck, clubs – NO GOOD, um…lets say social activities.

Where is the last place you broke up with someone?: In my lounge room at home.

Where do you wish you lived?: Roma please?

Where was your secret hiding spot as a kid?: We had a spare room which had a matress that used to stand upright aginst the wall behind the door, I used to hide behind the matress.

Where did or do you go to school?: Melbourne x4, Adelaide x1, Queensland x1. Oh and then there is uni and tafe on top of that – so +2.

Where are you going after this?: working, I’m here already and I should be working.


Why are you in the position that you’re in?: comfort, I usually sit cross legged, even when out and about, habit.

Why would you give someone five dollars?: do they need it?

Why aren’t you out doing something else?: I’m multi-tasking, lj & work, I’m waiting for vids to back-up, render, balh, blah…

Why are gas prices so high?: I think we all know the answer to this.

Why is the sky blue?: Some scientifc sorta answer can be inserted here, chemical reactions and ofcourse cause you say it is.

Why would anyone go out of their way to please someone?: Variety of reasons, if I wanted to do that …then it would be because I felt good for doing so.

Why are you on MySpace?: you mean whore-space??? cause I’m slowly becoming an internet SLUT!!, nah it does help keep the network together somewhat though.

Why do or don’t you like the current president?: We have a prime minister and he’s a DICK, he looks liek a monkey and kisses George Bush’s arse – the smarmy little fucker that he is.

Why do you cry at movies?: geez… maybe it made me feel sad.

Why would you fall in love with someone?: does this happen? show me.

Why do you talk the way you do?: I am the way I am so deal with it.

Why are you single (or taken)?: single – cause I can’t make up my mind (honestly) on what it is I want for myself.

Why are you happy to be done?: am I done?? thank FUCK for that, it took FOREVER!!!!!!!

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