So yeah, last night, there was a bit a this going on at my place, excuse me please, quick late night edit, i got naked, i covered myself in fake blood, make-up and gunk, photographed. Bit a fun, revisiting themes which seem to not want to leave. Re-opening that scar again & having fun in the process.

01_IMG_0894 01_IMG_0881
01_IMG_0822 01_IMG_0819


    • admin says:

      yup, borrowed a tripod (i snapped my last one in half – fuck knows how), and as for the lighting, well, table side lamp was all that was available last night.

        • admin says:

          I just bought a canon eos400D, as for the right tripod, that depends on what camera you got to begin with, a standard tripod will fit most cameras, unless you got like a large format camera or something, they have a diff. sized screw for the camera. It’s been years since I looked at whats around in tripods, I’ve always been given mine as gifts (hand me downs) or I’ve borrowed other peeps.

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