Remember when I said I had a funny taste in my mouth? The I’m getting sick taste? And remember when I said I better not get sick cause I’ve got no time for it and it all better be over and done with in like 2 days (total)?


Wednesday arvo – shaking, hot, cold, aches, dizzy, worst fever EVER! Leave work early. Home, couch, unable to move, unable to eat. Feverish Sleep.

Thursday morning – Wake, oh my fucking GOD, MOTHERFUCKER!!!! PAIN!! Call in sick, go to doctors. Immediately! Wait half an hour, everything looking a little blurry, the chest has seized up, sharp pain shoots through my chest every time I get that tickle feeling in the throat, like I need to cough, so yeah…needing to cough but not able to couch, because of FUCKING PAIN!! Finally see the Dr., Chest Infection, BAD, “you didn’t go to work yesterday did you?”, “not for the whole day, felt shit, left early”, “good, cause I’m giving you a mediacl certificate, I’m back dating it, yesterday and well definately not today and don’t even think about tomorrow, home, rest.” “great, fuck”. I leave drs and head to work, couple a things to do so that everything atleast functions without me. Go home. Make soup. The only thing I am able to eat till Saturday night.

Friday – Well sleep in didn’t work, never does. Sit on couch, move between couch and bed, do not go outside, go insane. Cabin Fever begins. Watch movies, the Incredibles, oh and Labyrinth – marvel at David Bowies Crotch, it both amuses and frightens the living shit out of me, bah, thats entertainment. Speak to Trev late Friday night.

Saturday – Another failed attempt at a sleep in. Mum rings, before 9am. Well, now I’m awake, mum says she is coming to visit me later and that I should go back to bed. Unfortunately that is not how my body works. Stupid Saturday morning music television frustrates the hell out of me, always has, little fucking rich fuckers coked up and dressed as hobos. FUCK YOU ALL. YOU SUCK. SOON YOU’LL BE CHOKING ON YOUR OWN VOMIT.

Saturday night, Melissah’s birthday, I go, as promised, can’t get one fucking drink of alcohol down my throat – it just don’t work as it should, FUCK YOU! The antibiotics are finally starting to take effect, I am now oozing fluro yellow slime from nose, it’s a constant, drip, drip, drip, oh and coughing up chunky fluro yellow stuff off my chest, atleast it’s shifting I suppose. We don’t stay out late on Saturday, departing at midnight, just the six of us. Back to Dan & Melissahs, heaters go on, still can’t really drink alcohol, but feeling much more comfortable, coughing up chunks, nose still running.

Sunday, nose appears to have stopped dripping like a leaking tap, GREAT, but now its all red and sore and chaffed from where I had to constantly wipe it, GREAT. Chest still clearing, thankfully the cough medicine and antibiotics are NOT having the laxitive effect they claim to come with. I am alive.

(rem. to self, getting down with jesus)

Monday, back to work, so much to catch up on. FUCKER!

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