Apologies to anyone who’s been in my line of fire this week, quite seriously…I’m surprised I haven’t dissapeared up my own arsehole yet.

The whole sickness thing really doesn’t bring out my charmingness what so ever, it makes me tired, stroppy, utterly incomprehendable and manic. It’s getting better, slowly. (I say this ofcourse as I spits chunks of green/yellow slime accross my monitors and keyboard), mmmm, tastes like swimming pool.

Weekend plans thus far, SWEET FUCK ALL! I have an inspection thing on Saturday morning (the owner died, it’s not a rental inspection its a property evaluation inspection thing), kash going to Blair’s (thanks Blair), the house is pretty much tidy, only a little more to tidy tonight. This is the only thing I have to do for the weekend, the rest of my time will be spent relaxing and relaxing some more. Need to catch up on sleep and seriously need to get over the evil cold/flu/chest infection/sickness thing. Pronto. I really should stock the fridge and cupboards with foodstuffs, frozen fish fillets and oven-fry chips are not in any way nutritious. And I require many long hot baths. My hair needs a touch up colour also (like oh dear the brown is showing through – BAH), I’ve got spikey bits at the back of my head where they shaved to stitch up the gash, hehehe…atleast it’s only a small bit and not half my fucking head.

Need Sleep. Send ‘get rid of sickness’ Miracles.


  1. kolorblind says:

    Yum! You smoke–do you not? Not that your lung problems might’ve something to do with that…but. (Well, you’re probably not smoking now–’cause you’re ill.)

    I would sprinkle some pixie dust over your flat if I had a jet; otherwise, positive vibrations and the like are coming your way. Yeah.

    • admin says:

      Yeah, i’m a smoker, but not like i was prior to dreaded sickness. And thanks, I could do with some sort of pixie dust.

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