RollerDerby Love Hurts

So I was supposed to be meeting up with Ms Melissah this evening, as it turns out she is far too drunk. She passed out., I should have taken your invite for coffee my lady, rather I find myself here at home, drinking wine and playing with pictures. Not all Bad.

VRDL tonight, Roller Derby#1, Love Hurts. Toxic Avengers Vs Dead Ringer Rosies.

The Girls were a Rockin’!

VRDL Love Hurts - Derby#1

Seriously, check these ladies out, Melbourne’s Got Her Grindgirls.

Oh yeah….

I got work that gonna be on show in town soon soon soon. Go Art!


  1. admin says:

    Knife my tyres, that would be way cool!!! Yes next time I’ll do the insisting. Little Melissah was so so drunk that she slept through her man sitting beside her on the phone to me whilst he was attempting to wake her up like she had asked. Was amusing. See you in the morning miss kat, xo

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