At it again.

I’m at it again with the vivid dreams.

Last night I dreamt I was running around with dead people, I took their photo…somehow, then I was gonna show someone that it existed but decided I just had to close it, some sort of portal to the dead or something, so as I close the portal, my friend or whoever looks at the photo and realises I just proved there are dead people, then some other guy comes in to try and get me, he doesn’t, he’s trying to stop me from getting there or whatever, realises someone else knows of there existence and well his part is now pointless.

Prior to this little scenario I was somehow hanging with fi in my dreams, who crash’s her car (she’s not injured) and I’m driving with my neighbour in his car, he says he’ll drop me off cause I have to get to fi, he drives all the way up Canterbury Rd, in the wrong direction and way to far out of town, I eventually get back to fi but can’t actually find her, I have to meet her at her apartment, its located right near a womans refuge (no idea), I get there, head up in the lift, eventually find her apartment and she’s not there, but my cat is, so I take my cat and carry her out of the building in my arms, down in the lift and out onto the street.

Weird dark, dirty atmosphere to the whole thing.

Go figure.

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