Long Weekends Make Me Do Stuffs.

Its has been an utterly awesome weekend, a bit of everything ticked off that ‘i need to….’ list, friday night was relax…Dan and Melissah dropped by for a couple a drinks and a movie. Saturday was spent organising the house, preparing for photos. The evening spent taking photos, playing with lights, home alone, a decent dinner, some late night tv. Sunday was warehouse shoot #1, some awesome shots, fantastic natural light…i swear I was pretty much orgasmic over the light. I had taken a couple a dedo’s with me, i didn’t use them. Sunday night I caught up with Dan, Melissah and Paulie for a bbq and drinks, good food, good conversation, home by 2am. I didn’t sleep till 5am, damn hyperness. Today, back to the warehouse for shoot #2, again, awesome natural light, interesting how it shifts throughout the space over the day, afternoon light is pretty indeed. Anyways…some good shots, which I’m playing with at the moment. Hoping to print soon.

Tomorrow, back to the office.

Rem. D & P, GroupT, smoke machine, hazer (poss. matt).

Tomorrow night, drinks at loop after work.

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