Somewhere between sleeps.

Well what a weird fucking day, perhaps I’m still snoozing away in bed. Or I’m dead and this is what death is like. Weird. Nonsensicle. Confusing.

I woke after 10 am this morning, I am supposed to be semi perky and sitting at my desk enjoying my morning coffee over emails and other random work duties at this time in the morning. Well I wasn’t, I had slept in. Possibly still asleep or dreaming I made my way to the office, walking in at 1030am, puffy eyed and feeling like my feet weren’t quite on the ground.

I had been dreaming this morning, something about a girl who was part beast (bull like/meaty like steak) and she was planted, as in roots and all and sprouting from the ground, I had to protect her, she needed to put down roots. Then there was a train, and I was running or trying to catch the train and the train was in weird treetops, but like a bus stop (I’ve dreamt of this place before), and I’m on this train/bus whatever, and a guy that sort of reminds me of Nicholas Cage is there, and I’m trying to get away from him.

And I wonder why I still feel confused and not quite awake.

Me needs coffee, NOW.

Am I alive? Really? Really?


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