fully fucking charged.

I finished with yesterday’s video, it gave me grief, it now looks prettily genius. Almost.

My tv was playing with me last night, it seems to sometimes like me and sometimes not. The speakers are too close me thinks, have speakers which sort of reseamble something out of star wars, they intefere. It may well be time to go and get myself something sexy, black and slimline. Oh and large please.

This weekend I will be shooting for exhibition, Ms B will be assisting.

Well, it has been an utter fucker of a week. To be honest. My brain’s a little numb, or exhausted, or scattered.


I broke the washing machine. Again.

Full moon.

My emotional bits need an outlet. At the moment they’re fully fucking charged.


  1. bellahdance says:

    I always think about how you edit – or at least how I think I know you edit. I’m not sure. What are you working on?

    I could be completely mixed up.

    • admin says:

      In this post, it’s work, as in the making a living work, I’ve been putting together a video piece, there’s a lady and she’s dancing provocatively, she’s also reading a poem that she has written, that makes up part of the soundtrack, it’s black and white. See, hard to explain and not nearly as interesting when i try to explain it. Here’s a still…


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