I’ve had pizza 3 times this week, that’s not to say I’ve had t/a. Homemade pizza thankya muchly. Tonight the Bruce LaBruce Film, Otto, or, Up with Dead People. Sorry to say, I was disappointed. But then again I did walk in with a certain degree of expectation, and the expectation was probably so high that it was floating on the ceiling. But, well, Gay Porn, Zombies, fucking open wounds, I know, I know, I expected and wanted hardcore fuck scenes, I wanted meaty gore, bloodied and decaying. It was quite beautifully shot though, and the soundtrack was pretty damn good.

Home I went afterwards. The others moving on out for drinks in town.

So at home, almost finished pizza, will be moving on to photo activity, I have a copy of Evil Dead which requires my attention also. I can’t actually recall the last time I saw Evil Dead, which means it’s been far too fucking long.

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