Ok, so for all the cooks out there (Ms Givemethegun? Ms Glamourbeastie? maybe?)…

I need to Cook a Baby Octopus, whole yeah? So, how am I gonna do this without the little one falling apart on me or being to damn slippery to pick up, boiled was good, but he lost a lot of colour, I though perhaps poached then grilled? I’ve never cooked them before, and well, its not for eating anyway.


Where’s the boy when I need him and all his chef glory. Damn it…

Today me and Frankie are going Market for more tentacles. I’m planning on a JB Stop Over, I expect to walk out of there with a heavier bag and less cash in my wallet. It happens.

Watched Zombie Strippers Friday night, bad, really bad, but FUCKING AWESOME. But really how can you go wrong? Zombies + Strippers, whats not to love there?

Tonight will be make-up play, test shoot. Maybe. If I don’t fall asleep on the couch again.

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