But there has been an awful lot going on.

There hasn’t been a real update in months, updates come with lists of to do’s and pictures, pictures generally being the preferred way to speak.

But there has been an awful lot going on.

Last night, late night Editing of OctoProject Piece, 2x Scenes Rough Cut and looking good, like way better than we could have hoped, considering the footage and the drunkenness of majority of the crew, we are I’m pleased to say looking almost like professionals, and certainly like we are having fun.

It be Friday today, I am exhausted, it’s been a huge week and although I’ve really gotten a heap of stuff done I’m still feeling like I’m dragging somewhere behind amongst all the odd and ends, things are just crazy busy right now, and not slowing.

Tonight though I am taking the night off and hanging with Paul, I need to see this boy, he keeps my head in check. Also makes for a good time drinking and lounging about on the Sofa.

The day tomorrow I have somewhat free, that is, no Octo, it will be spent organising all the other stuff that makes up the rest of my daily life. Saturday night is Bex CatchUp, Sat arvo may be edit, Sunday is Editing.

Then we’ll be back at Monday,

I don’t think any of that made much sense, I’m so tired I keep hitting the wrong keys on the keyboard.


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