Our Octo Movie is finished, look us up on Facebook (search OctoProm), trailer coming soon. Last week was utter madness with editing, lots and lots and LOTS of learning, we know for next time.

So anyway, it’s done, it’s sent.

Next couple of weeks to be spent doing catch ups with all those I haven’t seen in what feels like forever, if you want me, come and get me (in a totally non-sexual way that is, well, I’m willing to make exceptions, depending on the offer).

Let me catch up on a couple a nights sleep first though.

I do have belated father day dinner (occurring Tuesday), wed I’m supposed to catch up with someone, I think I’ve perhaps triple booked myself with this one, fuck it I need a phone that does voice entries into calendar or something, then it vibrates to remind me, and I just happen to keep in attached to my inner thigh or something, so reminders are always well thought about. BAH!


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