The Wonder

Stevie Wonder Last Night, AWESOME! the girl sitting in front of me, not so awesome, a tall one with a head that moved around all too much, she got up half way through to get drinks when she returned her BF was sitting in her seat and she moved to his, him being a short man, one that doesn’t all together move that much. Brilliant.

My Brain is Super tired today, the weekend went too quick, and wasn’t quite long enough, productive though. Friday evening spent drunk and stoned and photographic, Sat, I slept in (well a little anyway), Sat arvo visiting Paul in the suburbs, good conversation, then to Savers, then to Bex, then Home the out again, Drinks with Bex and off to Alison’s B’day next door, drinks, more drinks, bed at a reasonable hour, awfully drunken. Wake early Sunday morning, home quickly then pick up Aichling, Ceres for Photos, many taken, breakfast, coffee’s, conversation, home.

Then Stevie.

Well that was the weekend, gone and gone. Get me out of here already.

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