Ok, so we (MY EXHIBITION) got a Myspace, a very basic myspace for the time being, it’s not so prettied up or organised yet and therefore is currently not for the public to view, but hey…



KEEP INFORMED and if your local to Melbourne Town, then come on down Opening Night and show your support. More info to Come… And lots more organising to do (I’m semi lacking in that department – or so I think), but not really.

Go, go, go……


  1. photosexual says:

    I might be a bastard for suggesting this. If not, I take comfort in knowing I’m a bastard for at least a lot of other reasons, so it’s ok.

    If the MySpace profile is for a public event or cause, you may want to consider not making the profile private by default. You want as many people to see it, join it, spread the word, make it visible, and by being private, you’ve added time and action and less visibility to it. Right now, there’s no practical info showing short of the date, when I’m logged in.
    Private on MySpace generally means ‘go away – I’m weeding you out!’ and that’s never a good thing if the event is meant to be public or wide-spread. If you do want it to be intimate/invite only, that’s understandable, and I’ve gone and typed too much now. 😉

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