Caehl Random Facts

* I don’t eat peas (although I’ve made mention of this many times)
* I also don’t eat Bananas (equally as revolting as peas)
* I have a Diploma & A Bachelor Degree, Visual Arts & Fine Arts
* I edit video for a living, web related, adult & the like
* I live alone
* Yes I have a cat, I have been told that this is perhaps why I’m single (um, fuck off)
* I spent most of my childhood moving from house to house, state to state, school to school
* I did finish my VCE
* I was the arty baby goth when I was 16yrs old, heh
* Weekends consist of lots of coffee, hell so does the week
* I have been on TV/Interviewed in several publications
* Lasagne makes me very happy
* So does Double Cream Brie & Crackers
* I have a small weakness for Justin Timberlake (but no I don’t own any)
* This might also spill out into the realm of Kylie Minogue (ok, now you can kill me)
* I can be fairly short tempered.
* I HATE anything which clings to me, clothing excluded
* Gonzales the walking fish is STILL ALIVE!
* So is Angus
* I have a really strong drive with a hint of controlled laziness
* Very Shy, still working on that one
* On a good day, which is most of the time I weigh in at around 49.5kg at my most stressed I’m down to a 47kg, I’ve never made it past 54kg in my entire life, even at 54, which was circa 1997, really that was just all breasts, not a whole lot else, bless the contraceptive pill and raging hormones.
* There is a plaster cast floating around somewhere of those breasts, heh
* ME & Thailand have a date with Claire in a months time
* If I just did the other one, I would have done the whole group, that means, um….NO

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