So I woke up this morning having had dreamt about having sex with some hot guy, rather explicit. I tell you the heat does things to a lady. Last night I slept hugging an icepack. My house is a sauna, I should have taken Claire’s offer of a bed at hers in aircon comfort. But then again, if this heat is gonna give me dreams like this mornings, perhaps I should be turning up the heat and going to bed in my ugg boots.

In other news, today I’m wearing a dress (yes), ha, and wait for it, it’s white. Apparently all I need is pigtails and I really look the school girl part. My response to this, go fuck yourself, I’m working on my reflective capabilities. So meh.

Weekend, well. Modelling on sat arvo/night. Gangster bitch gonna kill her man theme, am really looking forward to this. Make up and costume starts around 4pm, then off to the location. We’ll be shooting for 3 shots. Working with Will again. It’s gonna rock, I’m sure I’ll have copies soon to show.

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