Wednesday Shmensday.

This mornings appointment was good, ok, well yeah. Was ok. We are getting places. I go back next month.

Other stuff, first coffee of the day is going down a treat, to be followed with breakfast foods. I may well be seriously under feeding myself lately, dinner has been toasted cheese sandwiches, breakfast has been skipped all week long and lunch is small. Time doesn’t seem to permit me to keep good eating habits. Snacks, I tell you, are the way of my future. Lots of snacks. Little time needed for little snacks.

School tonight, studio class. Hopefully the 120 colour film has worked. Will see this arvo. Tonight probably printing, processing. Handing in of first written assignment also – go me.

Read through the script for Kyra’s short film, shooting begins on the 4th, awesomeness. The story is, well – short, and very sweet. Clever.

Other things? This weekend to be spent shooting, purchasing new amp for home and possibly a new lense (bad, good, good Lauren), hopefully I’ll be seeing Ms Wood at some point, I miss the lady.

And I should really tidy up my talky thing for Monday’s class, cause I can now.

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