Bring it on home…

This mornings shoot was good, my lines? Well. I got there. Eventually. The afternoon spent round the house. Dishes. Spacebook. And here I am. Led Zep in the bg, kash hiding behind me. Dinner tonight with Ms Wood.

Lots to get organised this week, like every other week. Shooting – left right and centre. With any luck one of my shots from the Portrait shoot with Bex will work. Knowing my utter fussiness i will end up reshooting. That’s the way it goes. Hmmm…

Brief chat to Tony online this arvo also. He’s doing well. Check out Le Divan, um…lemme find the link… , You’ll find his fashion work, blog only up so far, but looking pretty good, his studio is awesome.

Kash still has the cone, it’s awfully cute, poor puss, due to come off in next day or so. The steroids are also doing wonders for her whining meow. The girl’s got appetite.

Lappy is running well, what’s with friggin toshiba flash cards? God you suck, and slow me down. Fucked off, now running much better. She still needs a service though.

Other things? Other things? I am getting a sickness, I can taste it. In my chest and throat. Ick.

Baby, baby… gonna bring it on home to you…

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