Sickness, it’s that time of year.

Sickness. Me haves it. Meh.

This happens every year at the same time, like I’m pre programmed or something for the evilness to raise it’s ugly painful little head.

My throat is all fucked up, as is my chest. Green tea soothes. My head feels stuffed, oh and I have the hickups.

School tonight was awesomeness, 2x films processed – surprisingly usable – although i want to reshoot, my lecturer seemed interested. I know i can do better. So yes films processed and the evening spent in the darkroom printing, got my broad light still life printed (looking ok, nothing spectacular), and some prints done for a portrait assignment. Will be shooting hollywood portrait on Wednesday night 5×4 (woo!!) and have been asked to model for a couple of other peoples portrait assignments – it’s one way to meet your classmates.

As for things that aren’t school this week. Well, there’s work. There’s a 50th to be at tomorrow night. Thursday night, kash to vets then to dinner with Tom & Aich. There is a closing party for the film project to be at. Friday night (if I haven’t already booked myself) I’m going to catch Will at studio – he’s shooting a portrait with some crazy lights (camera porn – yay!). Then there is LONG WEEKEND, but I may have to work a couple of hours on friday (k – meh). Weekend to be spent hopefully recovered from sickness and on my sofa with laptop and vodka. Spuffy needs my attention and I need to rest.

Brilliant. I’ve finally started to cough up that shit off my chest.

You know sickness wouldn’t happen if I were back here…
Sairee, Koh Tao

Cough, cough, splutter… ew…chunk.

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