Vegetables laced with ginger.

Sickness…meh meh meh, whine…meh.

Computers are not so much my fiend at the moment, everytime I go near one it goes into spasms, perhaps my virus is infecting more than myself.

More tea.

Today for the fist tme ever in my life I drank vegetables in a glass, yes juice, full of vegetables like carrot and celery and fuck knows what else, the colour reseambled baby shit (perhaps that was also in there), seriously it looked so revolting i had to close my eyes and skull. Thankfully it was laced with so much ginger that all I could taste was ginger with a faint celery afertaste. Ick. Lots of ick. Neils made me do it. Because he cares. I will put myself through the same experience tomorrow. Sickness be gone.

Tonight, family affair. A 50th. Drive out to the hills, nice night, not too late.

And the list for the week, cause I need to remind myself – yet again.

Tomorrow, work, school.
Thursday, work, dinner plans. Sleep.
Friday, work morning, studio shoot, monster movie bday. Film closing party. Sleeps.
Saturday, SLEEP.
Sunday, shoot, SLEEP.
Monday, shooting, more SLEEP.
Tuesday, work, dinner plans.
Wednesday, work, dinner plans.
Thursday, work, shoot.
Friday, work, SLEEP.
Saturday, shoot.
Sunday, shoot.
Monday, work, school.
Tuesday, work. SLEEP.
Wednesday, work, school. Sleep.

What the fuck? If you want me you might be waiting a while.

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