Ickness, I has it, still. This fucking sucks.

Weekend was pretty much spent indoors, internets, house clean & food. Except for the night me and Dan hung out and watched Mad Max2 that is.

Tonight, family dinner to be at.

Lots of peeps have put there hands up for photos, my brother included. I’ve got that many assignments to shoot, I need all the peoples I can get. Still yet to work out what my self directed assignment will be, perhaps, portraits of peeps. I really enjoy shooting people.

Other things, I am daydreaming about house. Suburbs may be calling me, so scary. Perhaps its just the extra room which is calling me. “There’s NO ROOM”.

But back to the assignments, portrait with 2 extreme focal lengths, environmental portrait, creative portrait, still life, broad light, point light, creative depth of field, creative shutter speed, landscape/architecture, Hollywood portrait, self directed project.

As for extreme focal length portrait – I have model, I have idea. Studio.
Creative Portrait – reshoot ms Bex. Idea, yes.
Environmental portrait, to be shot next weekend, little bro being my model.
Landscape, I have idea – it requires me to drive for an overnight stay and an early morning shooting schedule.
Still Life, I have an idea – just need to shoot – studio/home.

I feel dizzy. More Ick.

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  1. craig_love says:


    The leather-studded homoeroticism. Oh my.

    Mel Gibson was kind of a bit like an actor back then. Which seems odd, now that we live in the grim future, where there is only cop-baiting, wife-beating and booze. Maybe he and Sean Connery could get together.

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