Thursday – day – day – day…

So it takes a couple of days to come down from an argument, I’m nearing ‘back to normal’.

So things?

This morning, up early – and into peak hour traffic to make the trip across the city to Lab X, 5×4’s dropped off for process, why is it that all pro labs are now only open during ‘office hrs’? And they all seem to be over the opposite side of the city to where I spend my days in the office. Oh well, good excuse to leave early, use my til and listen to music on the drive over. This morning’s drop off’s, b&w – the Hollywood lighting school assignment, I’ll be interested to see how it all turns out, shooting that day felt really good, left me on a bit of a high. We’ll see.

This weekend, shooting for more assignment stuff, but also for myself. Next week – process the 35mm rolls from last weekend.

Tonight, opening at VCA, Sarah is on show in the main gallery, group show, 6-8pm if your in the area, drop in. She’s showing her older work. Some pretty funny shit, if you haven’t been introduced to Baulderstone Horneybrook, then I suggest you do so.

Hopefully I’ll be catching up with Will this evening at the opening. I want to talk photo with that boy, me thinks it’s time for another shoot. This time, he’s in front of the lens rather than me.

Back to school next week, and back to early starts at work during the week.

Well that’s it for random babble update.

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