New Computer arrived, she is mega huge and sexy. Hooking her up with lots of awesomeness. Brilliant. Sexy new monitors and crisp new keyboard. Dreamy (Slightly sad I know, but seriously, this excites me to no end).

I am currently sitting amongst quite an array of machinery. I have 4 machines beneath me. One to come home with me soon. New working machine, a back up machine and a capture machine. I’m running out of office space. I need some sort of walk in office, with a door I can close, to keep out the chatter. The head noise.

Home is getting equally loaded up with machinery, the mac, the pc, the laptop.

When was it that I got all tech happy. Gadgets I tell you, Gadgets. You can fit so much in without taking up so much space. Namely music, which I own a lot of. And photos, which is a whole other arena.

Weekend =

Sleeps, I got some. Food, yes I ate lots of it. Wine, consumed. Movies, lots and lots of movies. The favourite for the weekend being ‘Blades of Glory’ (go on, shoot me for it), it gives me no nonsense joy though. In the same way Legally Blond does.

Other things that happened. I made muffins. I read my book. I caught up with Walters & Bex.

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