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I have been a whirlwind for the past few weeks. From one thing to the next with constant speed.

I finished all of my remaining photo assignments in one weekend, yes. I did it. Some needing to be shot, mostly just needing PS.

Ticked off.

Digital Assignments x3
Black & White Conversion
High Key
Low Key

They are all printed. Now all I gotta do is mount everything.

On top of this I was in Syd for work, then back to melbs briefly then off to the country for bday celebrations, omg she’s hit 30, then back to melbs Sunday night. Business plan writing. Finished now, all 16 fucking pages of the damn thing, it’s a mini business plan, class assignment. I wrote a very very rough draft on the plane to syd, finished it all on tues, thank fuck for a public holiday, 11am – 1am writing the bloody thing.

In between the craziness that is school work life balance. Well, bootcamp starts this weekend, see one thing to the next, I have a helmet, now I just need knee pads, real ones, unlike my protec things. I want 187’s. Mum is out of hospital and doing brilliantly on her crutches, go mum.

That’s about it, doesn’t sound like so much, but it’s been out of control.

Tomorrow night, shooting a fancy function somewhere over near somewhere. Charity, gala, Christmas something or other. There will be booze and cab fair is covered and I get to shoot what I like, crowd shots, artsy things, awesome.

K thats it, bye.

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