Days Like These

There has been an awful lot going on this past year. Working. Studying. Freelancing. Art Making. Roller Derby. It feels good to start the wind down for the year. I have a couple of months break from study. Hoping to take a few short breaks from work activity over Xmas and NY’s, and I have a head full of things I want to create.

Things to be done, solo show is number one. Next in line, I keep telling myself to finish the damn photo book, I went back to it and it got put down again.  There are plenty of Folio shoots in my brain which need expelling, but this is an ongoing thing, the first of these will no doubt make me look like a toffee apple, yes it’s a self portrait – this will be happening in the next few weeks.

Oh, and there will be a Zentai suit. Stat.

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