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Exhale…. design project #3 is nearing it’s due date. It’s a creative thinking exercise which is great, am loving it. So the brief is to design a cube (literally), which demonstrates 6 different creative thinking ideas related to a single object/topic. I chose ‘AIR’, perhaps silly me, perhaps not. One of the sides has to be 3D/textural, one has to be photography based, 3 have to represent different design genres, etc… you get the picture.

So I’m making an inflatable origami balloon, printed and you have to blow it up – enter 3D/textural, touchy feely part of the assignment. Cube has to be 100mm X 100mm, which is proving to be a little annoying, but not impossible. Print wise, also a little annoying, but not impossible, will have to pull the image back from the edges to avoid toner cracking on the crease lines, also have to print on a lighter gsm paper, also ok. Well then, exhale then inhale… back to work.


I’ve been working on some new work and old, lots of printing. I really love seeing my work in print form, it’s so nice to break them out of the screen.

Tierra, 2013

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