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I’ve been working on some new work and old, lots of printing. I really love seeing my work in print form, it’s so nice to break them out of the screen.

Tierra, 2013

New listings up at my Etsy Shop:

New Work up at Captain Darling Barbershop

I have the pleasure of being the first art on the walls at Captain Darling Barbershop, owned by my very lovely friend, Jilly. If you are in Melbourne town, get your butt over to her shop in Preston and get a damn fine haircut!

All works for sale 🙂

Check out the Captain Darling Barbershop Facebook Page:



Opening Nights

Little Omens opened with great success, thanks to all who joined me to celebrate. 19 works out of 26 sold. Wow! The exhibition runs til next month so if you’re in Carlton, drop by the Cafe for a coffee and have a squizz at the walls.

Meet one of the Sara’s.

Little Omens

Ok, so this is opening THIS Friday Night. I’ve been working on things that are unlike my norm. Lots of imagery taken from old sketchbooks. It’s been hand printing mania at my place for the past month or so.

Hope to see you there. x

Lua Lua

Many bits and pieces going on of late. Jobs, exhibition makings, more exhibition making.

Opening on Friday 13th July @ Cafe Lua, Carlton, 6:30-8:30pm. I’m making prints, and not entirely the traditional photo print, although there will be a bit of that. Mostly prints on fabric. And I’m trying to get away from the portrait, although, that is kinda what I do. Not so easy to escape.

What else? Well I bought some lights, come on babies, hurry up and arrive on my doorstep – I want to play with you.

That’s really about all I’ve got, but really it’s much much more in reality.