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Slutmonster And Friends

Have you got your ticket to Slutmonster And Friends?

If you don’t then your missing something special.

“Witness the delightfully disturbing Slutmonster in its natural habitat, replete with hyper-sexual alien vegetation, unnatural arcane rites and vacuous puppet side-kicks. Come quickly, before this baffling landscape is spoiled by the encroaching humans; a psychotic pervert and his long-suffering neurotic brother. There’ll be snappy musical numbers, dick jokes, and a jaunty hat. If you’re not climaxing, you’re picturing it wrong.”


This lady is awesome!

Anatomy: Face, 10pm ABC1. Tonight.

Anatomy: Face

Anatomy: Face is the final in a series of short films telling unusual and compelling stories which explore how sexuality and the body work together as driving forces in the creative process.

Directed by Adele Wilkes, one of Australia’s talented new filmmakers Face is a kaleidoscopic documentary – a singular portrait made up of many faces – which delves into the private and public worlds of everyday human sexuality. The focus is on the people involved in Beautiful Agony, an ever-expanding collaborative art project that collates self-portraiture video recordings of orgasm faces.

Filtered through the director’s experience as a participant of Beautiful Agony, initially working behind the camera and then turning the lens on herself, Face presents a collage of unique perspectives from individuals who have contributed to the project, plus the project’s founder Lauren Olney and art theorist Edward Colless.

Considering Beautiful Agony as a logical development of self-portraiture in an age of accessible digital technology, the documentary explores the human face as a canvas for creative expression, and what it can reveal when recorded in an intimate way.

Face allows the audience a voyeuristic glimpse into the lives of people who have consciously chosen to push their personal boundaries and share that experience with others. It is a thought provoking study that delicately unfolds the layers of this enigmatic subject and invites the audience to consider their own place in the picture.