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Exhale…. design project #3 is nearing it’s due date. It’s a creative thinking exercise which is great, am loving it. So the brief is to design a cube (literally), which demonstrates 6 different creative thinking ideas related to a single object/topic. I chose ‘AIR’, perhaps silly me, perhaps not. One of the sides has to be 3D/textural, one has to be photography based, 3 have to represent different design genres, etc… you get the picture.

So I’m making an inflatable origami balloon, printed and you have to blow it up – enter 3D/textural, touchy feely part of the assignment. Cube has to be 100mm X 100mm, which is proving to be a little annoying, but not impossible. Print wise, also a little annoying, but not impossible, will have to pull the image back from the edges to avoid toner cracking on the crease lines, also have to print on a lighter gsm paper, also ok. Well then, exhale then inhale… back to work.


I’ve been working on some new work and old, lots of printing. I really love seeing my work in print form, it’s so nice to break them out of the screen.

Tierra, 2013

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New Work up at Captain Darling Barbershop

I have the pleasure of being the first art on the walls at Captain Darling Barbershop, owned by my very lovely friend, Jilly. If you are in Melbourne town, get your butt over to her shop in Preston and get a damn fine haircut!

All works for sale 🙂

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