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Slutmonster And Friends

Have you got your ticket to Slutmonster And Friends?

If you don’t then your missing something special.

“Witness the delightfully disturbing Slutmonster in its natural habitat, replete with hyper-sexual alien vegetation, unnatural arcane rites and vacuous puppet side-kicks. Come quickly, before this baffling landscape is spoiled by the encroaching humans; a psychotic pervert and his long-suffering neurotic brother. There’ll be snappy musical numbers, dick jokes, and a jaunty hat. If you’re not climaxing, you’re picturing it wrong.”


This lady is awesome!

We’re in an Exhibition! is in an exhibition. Last year, we were invited to participate in the exhibit ‘Face Contact’ as part of the 2011 Photoespana Festival in Madrid. This exhibit has made it’s way to Beijing, where it will be on show until the 24th of June, 2012. The exhibition has many of my favourite artists also participating, so, if you are Beijing way please drop in as I am unable to go.