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This year has gotten off to a weird start, we’ve made it through a 1/4 already, and I’m needing to kick my arse into shape, pronto. Things that have been happening?I’m back at study again this year, part-time again and with only one class of an evening weekly. This has helped enormously with my sanity.

Derby, well I’ve had to back off from it a little, am wanting to put my time and energy into it but finding other life activities are of far greater importance. So derby is at where derby is at.

Work has been busy, like it always is, with small and interesting projects going on.

My personal art work has been on the back bench, there has been many many ideas, brainstorms. I’m set to shoot the first big set of works over Easter. Bring it on. I have the final images in my head, firmly in place. This is the way I work. I already know what I want and I generally get it.

Other things? I’m a finalist for the Picture This Competition at Brunswick Street Gallery, opening Friday 15th April. Why don’t I enter more competitions?

This is the one:

“Little Electric”, Everytime