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Road Blocks

process block – conceptual block

I could really relate to last nights lecture. This is something that has been on my mind with intensity of late, and something that has really stopped me in my tracks for some time now.

Creative road blocks.

Everything we touched on last night was stuff I already knew. Really I could RPL this, I have done this class before in one way or another. But last night really hit home, it reminded me of my process, it reminded me of my needs and I needed that reminder. I need to touch base again. So I’m going to stick this one out because I think the lesson is valuable, and it’s even more valuable when it’s on repeat.

Crossing paths at explosive times. Look for the signs the lady said, look for the signs. Esoteric? A little. But really, aren’t we all if we open our fucking eyes?

Last night we spoke about idea formation, like a big bang, the right pieces collide and {{BAM}}, there you have it. The idea is born.

But anyway, it’s on my mind, and my evening threw sparks my way:

Saving these for later, thanks Silvi.